Need to hire a bus or coach for a few hours or a few days? Do you have a group to move tomorrow or next year? Pavlovich Coachlines has the Bus or Coach to suit your needs.
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Fixed term contracts and long term supply relationships are our specialty and the core of our business. If you have a need for group transport on a permanent basis, but don’t wish to buy a bus
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Photo Gallery

Look carefully before you charter anything, we are proud to present our immaculate fleet which is all clearly identified and outlined here. You will soon realise why Pavlovich Coachlines should be your number one choice.
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Celebrating 75 Years

In November Pavlovich Transport Solutions and Services celebrated 75 years in the Bus and Coach Industry and the BCA. Governing Director Ivan is a past president and CEO Bernard Pavlovich is a former vice president and
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New Zealand’s safest coaches

Like your own car, the safety advances in our industry over the last 10 years are enormous. That’s why we buy SCANIA coaches. The Swedish engineering provides the most important person, your driver, with arguably the very safest vehicle in the country. If your driver is in a safe, economical and comfortable vehicle, this will enhance your experience.

Click here to discover more about SCANIA and IRIZAR, our coach partners.

Why age is important

Looks can be deceptive, plastic surgery (new paint in our case!!!) is common in our industry. Before you book, ask the question; how old is our coach going to be? The answer may shock you!! 10, 15, maybe even 20 years? Probably even older in many cases!! At Pavlovich Coachlines, we are horrified at the age of some vehicles on the road in New Zealand. We regularly see vehicles that were built in the early 1980s carrying groups around New Zealand. That’s 25 to 30 years old!
  • You are safer and more likely to arrive on time in a new bus, than an old coach.
  • Age is probably the single most important safety factor you can control.